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Being busy is a choice

Last night I took part in CIPR Inside’s #ICBookClub on Twitter, expertly run by Annique Simpson. The book we were discussing was Busy by Tony Crabbe.

And of course as irony would have it, several of us admitted to struggling to find time to read a book about being busy! Yet the book really resonated with all of us – it was a little bit like reading about your own life.

It gets you right from the very first page where it’s describing a typical day and how although your family is wonderful, they can be a bit of a burden and distraction, especially if you’re only semi-present – the other half of your mind being engrossed in an email, or thinking about a meeting you had that day or your never ending to do list.

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Creative failure

Be creativeImagine if Mozart had been so afraid of people’s reactions to his music, that he only ever played it for himself. Or if Shakespeare just got his kids to perform his plays, rather than open himself up to critique from the general public. I’m sure they had moments when they feared failure, but they didn’t allow it to stop them living creatively and sharing it with the world.

I recently read a book by Elizabeth Gilbert called Big Magic, which looked at how we can all live more creatively. Elizabeth dispels the myths that we all need to be tortured souls willing to sacrifice anything for our art. In fact, all we need is curiosity, courage, passion and the ability to overcome the too-often crippling fear of failure.

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