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A lesson in PR from Melissa McCarthy

melissamccarthy-01Fictional political press secretaries have long been immortalised on our TV screens. We’ve aspired to the smart, funny and kick-ass West Wing press secretary, CJ Cregg, and despaired at the antics of the apoplectic Thick of IT’s Malcolm Tucker.

And last week we found a new face of communication in the form of Melissa McCarthy. The comedienne transformed into a White House press secretary for a Saturday Night Live skit, not once, but twice*. The results were in equal parts hilarious and horrifying…

So, we thought we’d do a post mortem and see what we could learn about what not to do when in the role of a public facing communicator**.
**Please note, if the content of this blog bears any resemblance to actual persons, living, dead or current White House Secretary, it is purely deliberate.


Originally written for Alive with ideas. You can read the full blog on their website.

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Communicating communication – are we our own worst enemies?


Have you ever had your hair cut beautifully by someone who has theirs scraped back in a scrunchie reminiscent of the 80s? Or had a fantastic extension built by someone who lives in a house that resembles a perpetual building site?  

Just like the saying about the cobbler’s children having no shoes, it’s a common phenomenon of the modern world, that people don’t have the time to apply their skills to themselves. And internal communicators are no different.

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